Helen & Alex

Helen & Alex 

Helen’s grandparents moved to Sark in 1972 and she would spend her summer holidays in Sark driving horses & carriages.

Alex originally hails from Lancashire, and met and fell in love with Helen while they both studied farming at Agricultural College in the UK after which Helen introduced Alex to the delights of Sark over the next few years.

Alex subsequently qualified as a Chartered Accountant and Helen as a Teacher and they were thrilled when they had the chance to move to Sark together with their expanding family in 1999.

As neighbours and friends of Paul and his family over the next ten years they were both excited to have the chance to work together on the hotel’s new development and the ongoing daily management of Stocks.

They have a shared passion of giving people a true Sark welcome and helping them enjoy the hospitality and beauty of the island, which is also their home.