Car Free, Care Free

Exclusive Horse & Carriage tours for guests and island visitors 

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At Stocks Hotel, Sark's oldest hotel, we are pleased to offer a perfect tour of the island by horse & carriage using Stocks own private stables. Our carriages are available for any island visitors whether staying at Stocks Hotel or not.

We have a variety of vehicles ranging from an original 1850’s vintage Ferrari Victoria carriage(3 passengers) , to a wagonette (5 passengers) and a large van (8 passengers), and our horses – Ronaldo or Betty Dora who will be delighted to make your acquaintance.

A taxi carriage can be arranged to meet you on arrival and take you to Stocks, or if you would like an idyllic and more leisurely day, we can arrange a tour of the island, perhaps with a picnic hamper and bottle of Champagne. Carriage rides after dark are particularly romantic as you clip-clop along traffic-free, leafy lanes under Sark’s starry skies!

Wedding Carriages

Whether a trip to St Peter’s Parish Church or the Greffe Office, we would be delighted to provide your exclusive ride on your special day.

As every wedding is unique, our decorated wedding carriage can be selected to suit your individual style. We invite you to spend a few moments of your time discussing your requirements with us.