Arriving In Sark

Arriving in Sark

Stocks can easily be found in the heart of Sark.

Stocks Hotel is conveniently located just 20 minutes from the Sark harbour, 10 minutes from the nearest bay, 10 minutes from the Avenue (Sark village) and 12 minutes from the spectacular La Coupee.


Any luggage labelled for Stocks Hotel will be automatically unloaded off the ferry in Sark. Our luggage porter will meet scheduled and chartered ferries by arrangement and we transfer luggage from the Sark harbour to the hotel. We are the only independent hotel on Sark to offer this as a complimentary service. Please ensure that you advise us at least 24 hours before arrival of the boat you will be travelling on and ensure your luggage is clearly labelled for ‘Stocks’ with our special luggage labels which are available at the Sark Shipping offices

Tractor bus service

Once you have disembarked the boat, make your way through the tunnel to the bottom of harbour hill. There is a steep path from the harbour to the village area and the easiest way up is on the so-called “toast-rack” which is an open-sided tractor-drawn trailer and meets all scheduled boat services. However, for those who wish to walk, there is a pleasant woodland footpath that runs parallel to harbour hill. The start of the footpath is located approx. 150 metres up the hill on the left-hand side and is clearly sign-posted.

Stocks hotel

GPS +49°25’42.87″N, -02°21’39.94″W

To experience a true Sark arrival the most charming way to arrive at Stocks is on one of our own horse and carriages. These can be pre-arranged to meet you at the top of the harbour hill and transport you in true Sark style to the hotel.

View Horse & Carriages

The quickest and easiest walking route to Stocks is along the Avenue. Walk to the distinctive Olympic gold post-box at the west end of the Avenue. Follow the signs to the left, past the prison and the Sark visitor centre. Opposite Le Manoir (the original Seigneurie) take the footpath to the left-hand side. The hotel is clearly signposted. Walk down the gently sloping valley footpath, through two meadows, to Stocks.

What to bring to Sark

Sark is an active outdoor holiday destination. There are no tarmac roads, so bicycles or ‘Shanks Pony’ are the two most popular forms of transport. There is no need to bring your own bike to Sark as bicycles can easily be hired from one of the local, family-run cycle hire businesses.

For walking we advise a pair of good sturdy walking shoes, or boots or trainers. On spring and autumn days, a light coat or a warm fleece are advisable. A waterproof coat or anorak are also advisable as an insurance against the risk of a shower of rain.

A good map (of Sark!) and possibly a GPS or good compass are useful. Sark is not very large but it is possible to get lost!

There are no street lights in Sark and there is very little artificial light pollution, so Sark is dramatically dark. A good torch is advisable if you are exploring Sark after dark!