Children’s Menu

Children’s Menu


Heinz tomato soup with bread (£4.95)
Heinz baked beans on toast with cheese (£4.95)
Ham and cheese toastie (£4.95)
Pasta with tomato and cheese (£5.95)
Stocks mini burger and chips (£5.95)
Homemade fish goujons and chips (£5.95)
Homemade chicken nuggets and chips (£5.95)
Ham, egg and chips (£5.95)


Mini Sticky Toffee Pudding  (£3.95)
Strawberry – chocolate – vanilla ice-cream (£3.50)
Chocolate brownie sundae (£3.95)
(with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, cream, toasted marshmallow, wafer)

Our children’s menu has been designed for our youngest guests.

All of our dishes on our other menus can be simplified for older children.