Homemade Wines

Sark made Country wines and local liqueurs.

Our unique range of Homemade wines and local liqueurs is a great way to get the flavour of Sark.

The country wines are made on site by Jim, the island's harbour master. Having moved to Sark in 2003, Jim’s passion for making country wines outgrew his own house and since 2011 Jim has worked alongside Stocks to develop a great range of homemade Country wines.

His most popular wine is the Earl Grey tea wine, but his collection also incudes, when available, elderflower, rhubarb, nettle and gooseberry wines as well as liqueurs such as Limoncello, Strawberry Ratafia and “44”, made from orange, vodka and 44 coffee beans.

We also produce at Stocks our own homemade Sloe and Blackberry gin and vodka, a firm favourite on Sark, especially on the long winters nights.

Our homemade wines and liqueurs are available to drink in the Smugglers bar, or you can even take home a bottle to remember your visit with later.