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Sark – Dark Sky Island

In January 2011 Sark gained International Dark-Sky Association recognition for its exceptional quality of unpolluted darkness, and became the first functioning island community in the world to gain the title of Dark Sky Island. It was during this time that the Sark Astronomy Society (SAstroS) was formed by a band of enthusiastic stargazers eager to share the wonders of Sark’s magical night time display with others.

Sark has no public street lighting, there are no paved roads and no motor cars, so the island does not suffer from the effects of light pollution in the same way as towns and cities do. This means that the night sky is very dark, with the Milky Way stretching from horizon to horizon, meteors streaking overhead, and countless stars on display.

We are very proud of our Dark Sky Island status and the recognition has received significant media coverage including this article: BBC Britain – The tiny island of shooting stars

Enya, the internationally acclaimed Irish folk singer was so inspired by Sark’s dark skies that she dedicated her 2015 studio album to Sark, the Dark Sky Island.

Sark after dark is truly spectacular at any time of the year but particularly between October and April. Whilst cloud free skies cannot be guaranteed there is a good chance that one out of every three nights might be cloud free and allow you to admire the night skies above Sark.

Our popular “3 for 2” Sark short breaks allow the perfect opportunity to wonder at our night skies.

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